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Snailmail pals?

Posted by penpal_wanted on 2012.04.03 at 08:59
Current Mood: tiredtired
Im more sensitive than first comes to mind, when you read this.

Looner, animal-friend, VEGAN (since 5 September 2011, and proud.),
comfortable at home, Female, whatever that is. 27 years old. Cat-mom.
Vegan. Happily Married. Possessive. Not special. Truecrime. I like
bodymodification. I like alternative styles. Think for yourself!
Serialkillers. NOT religious. Photos. Creativity. Introvert.
Monogamous. Animal friend. Penpal/"letterfriend". Clumsy. Bi-serious.
Im not the kind of "go-to-bars-and-drink-my-brain-out" type.
I have a dark, ironic,
sarcastic and perverse sense of humor.
I dont like: Drama, whining, nonsence,
animal cruelty, Bullys and more.
I write and speak English, but it's not the language we speak in the country I live in.

20+. Female. (From: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Europe). Must love animals. Prefer Vegetarian or Vegan penpals. Openminded. Know what you want. Mad/Weird/freak/lost kid/happily insane or just sane and happy.... Must like cats! Want a serious penpal, but accept that it sometimes may take me more than a week to answer. Want to tell about yourself and your life, your present and your NOW and your dreams for your future. A lovely person, that don't make bad excuses for herself and how she is.

Hopefully going to be long-distance-friends. Let's give it a try.


Isaac Sabola
Isaac Sabola at 2017-01-07 07:05 (UTC) (Link)

Well you sound matured.

Sory for the headline.

My name is isaac am very interested and geting to know you as a lovely mother, but a few problem am a new person here. For me to cary on your interest and beeing attentive to you very well i will prefer you write me to my emaill adress. Please i know people hate it but i live a low life level that i can not manage to high standard. So if we use emails i hope you will encourage me from your knowldge as well i will do.

Isaac from RSA orignaly from Malawi. Southern africa.
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